Sirius Star Diamonds

Sirius Star, the brightest star in living skies, is a brand new 81 facet diamond cut- not just another branded round brilliant.

Sirius Star Diamond features greater scintillation and increased light return, improved brilliance and higher visual appeal than any other round brilliant. Independent research conducted has revealed that Sirius Star is the preferred choice amongst a broad audience, and an initial production run sold exponentially quicker than ideal cuts of similar size, colour and clarity.

Compared with other round brilliant and other patented cuts, Sirius Star simply stands out from the rest.

The Sirius Star Diamond was designed by Mike Botha (Embee Diamond Technologies) in 2006, drawing on a lifetime of experience and extensive research into what is currently available locally and abroad. Working in close consultation with several leading diamond experts in North America, Sirius Star was born and is the first of several new patented and trademarked diamond cuts designed by Mike to be launched by wholly-owned subsidiary, Maskwa Otêh Diamonds Inc.

Getting a little technical - Facet definition is what makes Sirius Star Diamond a superior cut. With 81 facets, Sirius Star features an octagonal main facet configuration and 4-tier pavilion faceting. All the facets are indexed and inclined to present the maximum actual and virtual facet definition. A recent submission of a Sirius Star Diamond to a leading diamond research and identification laboratory in New York for evaluation scored 100% for brilliance. (93% is considered excellent).

Additional certification is offered through the Gemprint™ process. A unique image of each diamond is recorded before it is released. This image is like a fingerprint because no two diamonds are exactly alike. This image could help to identify lost or stolen pieces that have been recorded in the Gemprint™ database. There are presently two operating diamond mines in the Northwest Territories. The Ekati Diamond Mine opened in 1998 and was the first producing diamond mine in Canada. The Diavik Diamond Mine opened in 2003. Under an arrangement with the Government of the Northwest Territories, Ekati and Diaviki provide a selection of their respective productions to the cutting and polishing facilities in Yellowknife.